Romane n°26

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Romane n°26 By William Victorino

Abstract art. Print from the original. This is the 1/3 first print.

Edition on paper 300g Chalk, charcoal, pastel in oil, dry pastel, ink of china. Framed & signed by the Artists.

Description of Frame
Black wooden frame.
Length 68 cm/ 26,77 inch
Width 53 cm/ 20,86 inch
Height Depth 4 cm/ 1,57 inch

Number Work numbered and limited to 3 copies

The need for control, is often present in William Victorino’s practice, a generic human vice. Materialized in his painting by the dripping, by the line thrown on the canvas, it shows a feeling of universal anxiety. A feeling that emerges when the world seems to be collapse under our feet, when things do not work as planned. This psychorigidity feeds on the frenetic race for performance that our societies oblige and come to interfere in our lives, in our intimacies. The control is read in everyday life, he is hiding from a hyper organization, leaving no possibility to chance. Control your desires, control your fears, control your emotions, control your abilities. And even control the pleasure. We must desire, we must enjoy, and control that attachment to the other. So many accumulations that come to propel themselves on the canvas : Black chaos locked in a life. If the artists paintings bear witness to this rigidity, if they reveal the opulence of domination and the superposition of these self-imposed subjugations, his drawings could open a parenthesis. The black lines, sharp and precise, are those of female bodies sketched in the simplest movement of eroticism. Monochrome ballet, abstract choreography, little by little we imagine the angle of an elbow, the fold of an arm, the round of a breast without getting rid of a given freedom. Drawing from live models, according to different mediums (graphite, chalk, charcoal, pastel in oil, dry pastel, ink of china), the subjectivity contemplation finds the full extent of its charm. Some of his drawings are executed in series, following the same protocol. A firstdrawing born from a living nude, then from this first work, the lines are captured, copied and captured in different mediums. Then the work is photographed and the last capture of the body is drawn via software to be copied again on paper in a decisive movement with china ink. The destructuring of the body comes to meet the eternal mental struggle of rigidity precipitated on the canvas. Image of an elusive disorder, minimalism of feminine curves, offers itself in an almost obsessive duality. The search for the understanding of the other slips on the paper, when introspection faces the canvas. This incessant quest for the Other comes to lay on the wall, it clings to it, as sometimes happens to hook on to someone. These drawings speak of love, of a dark love, of a hard love, almost impossible: a love of the other through ourself. A love of self through the other.

Country Where Item Is Located
France State / Province Ile de France