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Untitled by KOKETIT

100 in x 100 in

History as an artist
The work of Shira Barzilay aka KOKETIT is an intuitive expression of characters, reflecting a mood, feeling and the quest for an artistic adventure. The world is her canvas. Born from a deep self expression while staying tuned-in to the changes of culture, fashion and technology, her work creates a natural blend of art and commerce that shines through in her collaborations. As a digital artist, Barzilay manages to explore the endless possibilities of technology and inspiration. She often adds her drawings on top of inspiring images, creating layers of creativity to the image, changing the story to be told from her perspective. Her statement is to push the envelope and to peruse the never ending quest of thinking different. Barzilay\\\\\\\'s work is diverse and has a strong personal sense of self, style and signature. A figure drawing lovingly titled KOKETIT (meaning stylish girl in Israeli-French slang) with strong facial features and an attitude has been prominently accompanying her throughout her artistic life. She is ever growing, evolving, and inhabiting any context it withholds throughout her world. Through the use of technology, she often shares her process live through social media with an Instagram account holding over 42K followers worldwide. She also performs live at events and functions, whether it be creating on-the-spot portraits, or performing intuitive drawing to live music. Her work has been recognized worldwide, collaborating with major brands such as Roberto Cavalli, H&M, Ray-Ban, Soda Stream, and most recently, becoming a resident artist for Anthropologie. . She was selected to be one of Israel\\\\\\\'s 100 most influential people in the fashion industry in 2016, and has had two solo art exhibitions in Tel Aviv in 2016 and 2017. Barzilay was born in Israel and has a bachelor\\\\\\\'s degree in fashion design from the Shenkar Institute of Design.