Sobre Mi Techo

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2019-01-24 11:00:00 EST


Artist: Reyes Ocre

Materials: Canvas Acrylic with oil mixed

A series created to conscientise and teach the viewer to protect their planet.

In 2012, the news that the sun will be part of an eclipse in which the planets will align and a climate change in the world will be imminent, create great confusion in all the inhabitants of this sphere we call Earth. In the Caribbean, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 shakes the half island of Haiti, creating countless deaths and great chaos. In Japan, another tremor of great intensity shakes that country causing a tsunami that devastates without mercy everything that crossed its path in that great city. At the poles large ice sheets of enormous magnitude begin to melt without warning, increasing the flow of water throughout the globe on a larger scale ... Thus begins a new meteorological era, highlighting an unstable bad weather ... affecting each more time the environmental balance. Situation that is happening for not having the protection that the planet had in other times. This allows the direct entry of the suns rays with impotence. Definitely the climate is more gray and with more tears than ever, the currents increase their flow on the surface every day with the thaw that runs aimlessly, large white mountains are reduced to only plains. The atmospheric decontrol, which exists at the moment, gives more forces to the large amount of water in motion. And so, little by little, inch by inch, the planet that once was water and land ... would quickly become water and very little firm space. It will be a race to death or a forced adaptation the numbers are there.

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