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2019-01-27 23:00:00 EST


Artist: Aima Saint Hunon

Bronze sculpture signed on the feet. First one of an edition of 8 with a Red and brown transparent patina.

The series of sculptures, The Lalas. My creation is an homage to the eternal female that resides at the core of each human being. It wants to awaken the goddess that sleeps in each woman. The Lalas reveal the sacred, female dimension to us by relating to the profound depth of our heart, our sexuality and our soul. They have the power to stimulate recognition within us and the expression of our principal femininity by inviting us into our sacred cave where our inner most resources coil.My Lalas are an act of love to honor all the women of the world as well as our mother, Earth. History Of This Item? Their births are the fruit of love between the dragon and the phoenix. They are 8 in number, number of perfection and infinity. It expresses the totality of the universe. It is a balance and cosmic order. This number incarnates matter that becomes itself creative and autonomous, governing its own laws. Additional Information: The Lalas ladies lived in grace. They were the eight enchantresses. They were free, creative beings able to love intelligently and to think with love. They listened to nature’s songs, they were founded in plenitude and lived their inner truth. They were the spark of divine inspiration and carried in their wake, the world of human beings. Thanks to them, the balance of the universe in communion with the male aspect was wisely preserved. It was the time of Lalalisme.

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