Auction Rooms

ARTGALA’s Private Auction Rooms provide the opportunity to meet with our representatives for an exclusive, in person, digital experience. Private Rooms and Advisory Services are available upon reservation.

Privte Auction Rooms In NYC & London are Made Possible by Meet in Place..

About Private Room Receptions &Events

ARTGALA’s events and private room reception are carefully curated and planned to enchanted your ARTGALA experience.

ARTGALA Private Rooms Services are not open to the public and are subjected to reservation & booking with our advisory team. Service fees vary depending on the type of auction room and advisory needs.

Private Auction Room receptions have limited space entrance and require the payment of paddle code registration. Paddle Code Fees vary depending on the time of auction or benefit reception.



  • Personal consults for private acquisitions and sells.
  • Personal consults of sourcing & displaying artwork
  • Curating and proyect design of interior design project.
  • Curating of corporate and hotel proyect
  • Artist and portfolio management.
  • Artist commissions and creative projects.
  • Management Of Private Collection.
  • Coordinating and management of an art events.

For personalized advisory services or complete inquiry and acquisition of an auction series, register, book and reserve your private auction room through

To request advisory fee of a perticualar project fill out and submit the following form:


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