Staff: Xenia Tiajoloff

Born in New Jersey, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College in 2016 with honors in Art History and wrote her honors thesis titled The Soul of the Russian Avant-Garde: Kazimir Malevich’s Incorporation of the Tradition of Russian Spiritualism. She spent her junior year in Prague studying Czech Rondo-Cubist architecture, which inspired her to work for PKTArchitecture for a year as a drafting intern, but fine art would not stop calling her name. In 2016 work experience at the jazz non-profit, Arts for Art Inc, and the arts management and events company, Livet Reichard Co., she worked as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for PULSE Contemporary Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair NYC. She now works full time for the National Academy of Design as National Academician Membership and Communications Coordinator. Art is this wonderful enigma in the world. It captures society’s zeitgeist, challenges society norms, encourages discussion, and propels the cultural aesthetic. Art does not only exist for art’s sake; art is business, art is beauty, and art is philosophy.